Margot Robbie movie list from 2008 to 2016!

Margot Robbie movie list from 2008 to 2016! Before and After!

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Margot Robbie movie list:
2016 – The Legend of Tarzan
2016 – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
2016 – The Legend of Tarzan
2016 – Suicide Squad
2015 – Z for Zachariah
2015 – The Big Short
2015 – Focus
2014 – Suite Francaise
2014 – Suite Francaise.mp4
2013 – The Wolf of Wall Street
2013 – About Time
2011 – Pan Am (serial TV 2011 – 2012)
2009 – I.C.U.
2008 – Vigilante
2008 – The Elephant Princess (serial TV 2008 – 2011)
1985 – Neighbours (serial TV 1985 – )



Margot Elise Robbie was born in 2 July 1990. Margot is an Australian actress who was born in Gold Coast, Queensland of Australia and she is working within the Australian independent films from the year 2007 till the current context. During the year 2008 till 2011 she was also appeared within Neighbors which was casted by soap opera. Currently, Margot is living in London, England of United Kingdom and she is presented within any short dramas and films life Pan Am that came in the year 2011 till 2012. Margot is the daughter a physiotherapist whose name is Sarie Kessler. Margot father was a former farm owner.

Margot completed her education from Somerset College. Margot was a very brilliant student in her studies as well as she studied drama in the time of her school days. After moving to Melbourne during the age of 17 her journey of becoming an actress was started. This was during the year 2007 where she became the part of I.C.U. and Vilgilante which was the 2 feature film and she impressed the director with her brilliant performance. During the audition time before becoming the part in I.C.U she won the lead role with her best presentation made. Similarly during the year 2008 of June appearing as a character of Donna Freedman was the best out of which he came within Neighbors.

Margot during May 2014 was living along with her friend who was 5 in numbers. Before than this she lived within New York City for many years and working around there. Margot with her personal life is very different in her nature. Being with an affair with Tom Ackerley she was having a brilliant time as both of them were belonging from the same profession where she was an actress by the time Tom belonging from British was assistant director. During the set of Suite Francaise, both of them met each other and since 2014 till the current time they both are having a brilliant time as a couple among each other. Margot is planning to get married with him. But till the current time there is no any rumor or controversy raised about the relationship status of this couple. Margot is known also with her trademark as striking blue eyes and her sexy lips. Margot has no any past data of her divorce or end of any married life. Margot now is very happy with her boyfriend and living with the successful career as well as personal life.

Margot is earning with a successful salary and her height also makes her look and stand tall with sexy appearance that is 5 feet 6 inches in tall. The net worth of Margot is around 8 million American dollars that is mentioned to be the successful amount of Margot compared to the last year.

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