Jason Momoa movie list from 1989 to 2018!

Jason Momoa movie list from 1989 to 2018! Before and After!

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Jason Momoa And His Filmography

Jason Momoa is an American writer, actor, director, producer, and model. Born in August 1st, 1979, Momoa was the only child of his parents. He grew up in Norwalk, Iowa. He studied in Colorado State University and he majored in wildlife biology. Momoa loved traveling when he was young.

Before After

Before stepping into acting, Momoa was a model. Takeo Kobayashi, a well-known international designer encouraged him to peruse a career in modeling. He won Hawaii’s model of the year in 1999. He also got the opportunity to host the Miss Teen Hawaii Contest. He used to work part-time at a surf store before he got casted in Baywatch series.

Momao started his acting career from TV shows. He appeared in Baywatch Hawaii. He also gave appearances in North Shore, Johnson Family Vacation, Stargate: Atlantis and then he was casted in four episodes of The Game, the comedy-drama TV series. He got his fame from Conan the Barbarian a film in which he played the role of a protagonist. He then managed to get a role in Game of Thrones.  He performed Haka, a dance that was traditionally performed on battlefields.

Momoa co-wrote and directed Road to Paloma, an American drama thriller.  He also starred in that film.  Momoa debuted live-action theatrical with the role of Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After this, he managed to get his own solo Aquaman movie that is yet to be released. Currently, Jason Momoa is doing a Netflix original series called Frontier playing the role of Declan Harp.

Personal Life

Momoa started his relationship with Lisa Bonet after they were introduced by mutual friends. There were rumors about their marriage in 2007, but they got officially married in 2017. Momoa became the stepfather of Bonet’s daughter. In 2007, Bonet and Momao welcomed a baby girl, Lola Iolani Momoa. In 2008, Bonet gave birth to a boy. They named him Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

Momoa got a scar on his face after he was slashed with a broken beer glass by a guy at the Bird Café in California. He received 140 stitches during the surgery.

Jason Momoa Movies

Here is the Jason Momoa movie list:

  • Johnson Family vacation
  • Once Upon a Time in Venice
  • Pipeline
  • Conon the Barbarian
  • Bullet to the Head
  • Road to Paloma
  • Debug
  • Wolves
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • The Bad Batch
  • Justice league
  • Braven
  • Sugar Mountain
  • Aquaman

Jason Momoa is a man of multiple interests and hobbies. Apart from having passion for traveling, he even studied pastel painting from France. He also traveled to Tibet for studying the Buddhist teaching.  Momoa says he is doing Justice League because of his kids. His daughter loves Wonder Woman and he son loves Batman.  He is excited for his role as Aquaman because it is one of the few super heroes who are brown skinned and it has a connection to Hawaiian ancestry. It’s going to be a great addition in the Jason Momoa movie list.

Jason Momoa movies have done well at the box office.  He has a net worth of $8 million.


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